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Um. Hi.

You're going to get yourself killed, someday.
HA! Inferior human! That's just awful!
That's a stupid plan.
Well, you look it, but I'm not saying anything! ^^
I... what? =_=
Nevermind, darling. :o
Oh, no. I understood. The way you said it just made it sound dumb. :D
So you think.
The way you said it suggests I look like a stupid plan.

That doesn't make any sense. o_O
...If I really just heard the words "Orha" and "bows" in the same sentence, you're not going to have hands with which to execute that plan.
Hey; you're a real fuckin' jerk. Don't talk to her like that.
What makes you think a human has the right to dictate my actions? Your species is barbaric and inferior. You exist only to be looked down upon.
Oh, I'm the barbarian when you're threatening to chop off someone's hands, huh.

Sounds like somebody's a bit of a hypocrite.
The end justifies the means--the end being that there would be one less human in the universe. Humans worsen the environment just by being alive. They have been doing so for the past six hundred years while we stood by silently until we took matters into our own hands. Even if only one human dies at the end of the day, the world becomes that much better.

I don't think so.
We could go around in little circles of existentialism, or I could just say you're a close/small-minded jackass and be done with it.

But I'll also say that it's all a matter of perspective -- whether you can pull your head out of your ass long enough to see that or not -- and my perspective is that if you so much as lay one of your superior little fingers on anybody here, I'll rip that pointy little nose of yours right off your goddamn face no matter how high in the air you happen to be holding it.


humans? yea. you guys ripped apart like, HALF OF OUR POPULATION!


stupid humans......ok, i feel better. ^^

orha, if this guy bothers you again, you get the death raven, i'll get steely, and we'll go four on one, k? love you!!------i didnt say that......
I don't have a high opinion of myself. I just have a low opinion of you.

Do you know the ratio for Yason-Human endurance? Ever since we uncovered the Blast Gene, a single Blast Worm can take on up to ten humans at once.

There's no need to be angered on my behalf, Lothy. The tides have already turned in favor of Yason-Roven. ...But I appreciate it.
Look, honey. I didn't threaten to do anything to him until he started making snippy-ass comments at the girl there. Furthermore, I didn't claim I'd even think about doing anything to him unless he tried to make good on the threat.

What you need to think about here is that humans might have ripped your population apart, but you're not currently in the presence of anyone who's ever done anything to you, so maybe you ought to lighten up off the Persecuted Race act. I don't give a fuck what you are.
SNIPPY? >/ ugh, your soooo dumb! thats orhas way of joking, stupid! god.......

all i know is your a human and humans smell bad, so your kinda iffy by default. ^^ o-o i dont give a fuck who you are either. congrats?? -.- you waiting for a medal or something?

your a little too high and mighty for anyone to be taking you serious, pal. in fact, you OVERdo it! kinda sad....T-T maybe all you need is a friend to cheer you up! ^^ YEA!! I'LL HELP YOU FIND ONE!
Hey, um...not really good at saying this.

But, uh...thanks for defending me. ^^
Uh. I uh. You're welcome. Hey, you're not mad or anything, are you? I wasn't trying to be all... chauvinistic. u_u;;;
Of course not! See? This is my happy face!

Really, I meant it. ^^ You're really nice.
For all you know, I might have said "Orha, let me bow to you!"

But I didn't, so.

Don't be so quick to judge.
...Somehow, I doubt that.
What's with you and saying humans are barbaric, anyway? I mean, come on. You have dreadlocks, or...numerous braids...or something. That seems pretty barbaric to me.

And the funky ears. But those are kinda cool. Can you hear better with them? :o
...They're braids. They represent my authority in the yason army.

I wouldn't call braids barbaric the way I would call destroying the trees--our gods--barbaric. In the end, no one's dying because I have braids...but because of your kind, we've lost our land, most of our population, and the very deity who created us.

Even a human can tell which is the more savage of the two--braids or murder.

...I don't know. I don't know what's considered normal hearing for a human.
oh, orha.....-----that was a sad "oh orha" by the way, not a scolding "oh orha" ^^;

and hey! i like his braids!! i think they look good on him! you look good, orha! ^^

yup, yason have better hearing then humans, its true. ^^ according to the tribe elders, humans cant hear the trees and the grass growing like we can...... man, that'd make me kinda sad if i couldnt hear nature....

GREAT IDEA LEMINA! ^^; when can we do it???
I don't care if you scold me or not. And I certainly didn't ask for your pity.
>< OOOOOO you piss me off!!!! ><!!!!!!!! i'm trying to be nice here and your just cold, again and again and again and again and again! T-T! would you stop being mr "i'm a war machine, i have no emotions" and SMILE FOR ONCE? x-x

oh, whatever......^^; i'll get you to smile some day! not gonna stop trying until i do! you'll see!

so.....um.....wanna go hunting? ^^!
Smiling won't win the war.

...If you're going hunting, I better come. You kill everything but what you're actually aiming for.
I DO NOT! ><!!

well......yea, smiling doesnt win a war.....i guess.......() but its still nice! you know? i like smiling! ^^ try it some time! and in case you didnt notice, theres no war here! so you dont have to worry about your duties to yason roven!
...Are you kidding me?

If anything, we have more to worry about now that we're here. In case you didn't notice, Yason-Roven is now missing both of its queens and two of its army's generals--one of which is the Blast Worms' leader.

So I wouldn't be surprised if the whole southern region of Efferia--...I hope you know that's our region--is blown up while we're away.

That's why we have to get back. Now. I'm not going to let the people I was born to protect die.

Will you?
......your right. your always right, though.

well, ok......whatever you do, i'm always with you, orha! ^^
...I'm sorry if I'm pressuring you. I just...never knew anything outside of the war.

Your decision is your own. If you want to stay here...that's up to you.

But if you really mean it...that last part... I intend to return to Efferia as soon as we can, to finish the war.

...I just...

This is annoyingly hard.

Don't let me make your decisions for you. Alright?
my choice=follow orha


i'm coming! >/
Well, I'm not sure about you, but in the world I come from, a man who was a lot like you decided to rip the world a new one, because he didn't get his way. This involved draining legendary dragons of their powers, destroying entire landscapes, and eventually siding with a god of ultimate destruction.

Humans and beastmen alike there, on Lunar, we don't do a damn thing to the wilderness! The goddess of creation, Althena, is a human herself! And we followed her every word to cherish the life she's given us! Double for me, since I'm a magess of Vane!

Eh... -Scratches her head.- I guess what I'm trying to say is...while the humans back where you're from may not be so great, don't be so quick to judge us here. Let's all just get along. We are stuck here, after all.