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...Can people die from boredom?
I think the others already have...
There you go, then.
You aren't dead...
That's not because it isn't possible for me to die of boredom.

Hell, I'm sure I've come close a time or four.
I'm not sure how I've survived this long.
And with no women. D:
...We have one. But she died with that big green guy...

And I don't think that's what you meant.
She what? And don't you mean had one?
...I guess. And she didn't really die. I just haven't seen her in, well, a long time.
Oh. Women are like that. >\

She's probably off sleeping with Russians.
...Ah, sure, maybe... What?
Well. You haven't seen her in awhile. She must be off screwing you over in some way.
How could she, er, screw me over if I don't really care, where she is?
...what the hell are Russians? Whatever they are, they don't sound pleasant; so I wouldn't sleep with them.