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...This isn't Efferia.
Nope, it isn't!

Don't ask, because I don't know either. It's a cheesecake!
...Your scent is that of a human.

You. Where are we? Better yet, where are all the yason?
And who the heck are you to demand things of me, huh?

I don't know where we are-- and before you ask, I don't know how to get out. I mean, there's teleport magic, but it's not the safest thing--


What're yason?
...You're joking.

The Human-Yason War? Six hundred years' worth of fighting? Do you mean to say...that doesn't even EXIST in this world?
Uh, whatever. The only war I know of is who gets the last muffin in the morning around here.

I'm Lemina! What's your name?
HEY! ORHA! ^^!!!!

whats up?? man! i lost so much sleep to-day! >< but thats ok. ^^ i mean, well, i guess it is......

wait, this isnt efferia??

Would you calm down?

Separate. Question everyone you see. You won't be attacked...there seems to be no war here. Just find out where we are.

I'm going to see if there's a sphere communication network nearby and contact Her Majesty.

whoops ^^;.......ignore that.......so theres no war huh?? MAN is that weird! i mean, i was born into the war, so i cant imagine NO war, right? must be weird for you too! you were born for the war and now theres no war! what are you gonna do? can we even make it home? hey, maybe you can use this as a chance to relax! ^^ you really need it!
...No. If anything, now is NOT the time to relax, Lothy. Prioritize. We have to find a way out of here.

We were in the Amrond Woods... We set up a temporary base. Try and think if anything unusual happened beforehand.

...Of all the people to get lost with, it had to be you.

i'm not so bad! i can fight......and whos the owner of steelheart, huh? YEA, THAT'D BE ME! >/

OOOOO, YOU PISS ME OFF SOMETIMES!>< if only i wasnt so in love with you T-T
Orha, you're here too...?

Yeah. We need to talk... And you need to stay in sight. It would be discouraging if we spent so much time protecting you in Efferia for you to die in some foreign land.

...Sorry. I didn't mean it like that.
I understand, Orha, and it is okay. Everyone seems okay here, no one seems to knows the troubles that Efferia faces.

It's nice...there is no war.

And perhaps this would be a good place to begin...until I end.
...You shouldn't talk about it like that...

It won't be the end. When that time comes, I'll stop it from happening. Somehow.

Just...stay smiling.
I'm sorry. You're right.

I'll have to be more optimistic.

I believe in you, Orha.