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Um. Hi.

You're going to get yourself killed, someday.
HA! Inferior human! That's just awful!
That's a stupid plan.
Well, you look it, but I'm not saying anything! ^^
I... what? =_=
Nevermind, darling. :o
...If I really just heard the words "Orha" and "bows" in the same sentence, you're not going to have hands with which to execute that plan.
Hey; you're a real fuckin' jerk. Don't talk to her like that.
What makes you think a human has the right to dictate my actions? Your species is barbaric and inferior. You exist only to be looked down upon.
Oh, I'm the barbarian when you're threatening to chop off someone's hands, huh.

Sounds like somebody's a bit of a hypocrite.
The end justifies the means--the end being that there would be one less human in the universe. Humans worsen the environment just by being alive. They have been doing so for the past six hundred years while we stood by silently until we took matters into our own hands. Even if only one human dies at the end of the day, the world becomes that much better.

I don't think so.
For all you know, I might have said "Orha, let me bow to you!"

But I didn't, so.

Don't be so quick to judge.
...Somehow, I doubt that.
What's with you and saying humans are barbaric, anyway? I mean, come on. You have dreadlocks, or...numerous braids...or something. That seems pretty barbaric to me.

And the funky ears. But those are kinda cool. Can you hear better with them? :o
...They're braids. They represent my authority in the yason army.

I wouldn't call braids barbaric the way I would call destroying the trees--our gods--barbaric. In the end, no one's dying because I have braids...but because of your kind, we've lost our land, most of our population, and the very deity who created us.

Even a human can tell which is the more savage of the two--braids or murder.

...I don't know. I don't know what's considered normal hearing for a human.