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im currently looking for someone who'll be friends with vinnie gogni....gotnit.....aww whatever his name is >< ^^ the poor guys really stuck up and way too serious all the time and kinda goes round picking fights with people outta nowhere.....so i feel sorry for him! SO, im trying to find him a good friend to lift his spirits! ^^ i bet he'd be alot happier if he had one, so its my job to make the world a better place and hook him up!


come on.......>< DO IT ^^

oh and while im at it......anyone seen my tail? x-x pink, puffy, and really long? .....no?? i feel off balance with it.......hey look! -rambles- talking is fun!!
(( I'm sorry, but this text-only thing is killing me. x.x If I can't narrate, I go apeshit. :: Reverts to regular RPing. :: ))

Out of annoyance, Orha tightly shut his eyes; the rest of him remained motionless. "...Why does everyone take it seriously if I say I'm going to cut someone's hands off? It's an idiom." His eyes snapped back open and darted off into the distance. "I wouldn't actually do it. ...And even if I did, people can live without hands. I don't see the problem."

Alas; the ignorance towards ethics that arises from a war-hardened soldier's perspective of what's fortunate and what is not... Loss of limbs was nothing, according to him, so long as their owner was alive in the end.

Regardless. Lothy's indecision often got on his nerves... Like now, for instance. His eyes burned with iration as he rounded on her. "Would you make up your mind?!" It both astonished--and irked--him...how she changed her mind so quickly and threw her own claims to the wind, trying to befriend those she'd sworn to hate. Whoever had the bright idea of letting flighty teenagers into the army...yeah. They deserved to die.

As for the tail, Orha thoroughly wished the Master Chief person had crushed the unnecessary, bright pink appendage when he'd stepped on it. Orha hated that thing.
-Totally did ruin the stupid tail. XD-

[ Poor Kura. It's fine. ^^ ]