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Shut. Up.
That's right. Don't want to encourage him. a_a;
YOU! -Point.-

I heard you.

What're you going off on?
It's like, this really awesome planet that's SUPER LEGENDARY, and rad and totally cooler than you.

Not that you're not cool, but just not cool enough.
I'VE never heard of this planet...

Are you sure you don't mean 'Meekrob' or something? |:\
No! Magrathea!

Where's the Hitchhiker's Guide or the Heart of Gold where you need it.

Well, the Heart of Gold, minus Eddie. I hate him.
... You speak nonsense! Inferior human.
But I'm not human.

Second Head: -Pops up. Waggles tounge.- CHEESE AND ROOTBEER, CAT DROPPINGS, AND--

See? :3

I'm sorry, I don't know what that is, but it does sound very interesting...
Hey, babe. You tired at all? 'Cos you've been running through my head all day. 8D

Not really, but you're hot, and... ;D
U-Um. Uh... -Twiddles thumbs...andthenhidesbehindtheprince.-